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Culinary Tour of Machane Yehuda Market

Machane Yehuda street and its alleys have been a second home to me since I was a little girl. I loved wandering them, taking in the glittering fish scales, the smell of cinnamon in the air, and the banana peels splayed on the ground. I loved the market then as I love it now. The Machane Yehuda market underwent a huge transformation a few years ago, and today, it is clean and organized, and an excellent spot for a daytrip. We’ll visit the market’s old-timers, who have been baking pita breads in a stone oven for over 40 years; we’ll sip mini fresh fruit shakes prepared by a wise Yemenite medicine man who makes them just like his father taught him; we’ll taste the best cheeses in the world; we’ll learn about Jerusalem kugel; and we’ll eat at both new spots and some that have been around for decades. I look forward to guiding you through my second home, the incomparable Machane Yehuda market. You can choose to combine the tour with a cooking workshop, where we’ll prepare dishes using ingredients we bought in the market during the tour. 
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