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Welcome to my home - an inviting space for upscale meals with a spectacular panoramic view of the Judean hills and the magical village of Ein Kerem. Atalya offers exceptional culinary events: meals, workshops, exclusive gatherings, and culinary tours that reveal the deepest secrets of Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, and special culinary corners around the world. 
Ein Kerem is an ancient and picturesque village that lies on the western slopes of Jerusalem between Mount Ora and Mount Herzl. This charming village is a popular spot for Israelis and foreign tourists who come to take in its beauty and history. Looking out onto the olive tree-covered hills, visitors to Atalya enjoy a taste of Tuscany or Provence, right here in Israel. 

Atalya  - Private Chef Meals
atalya_lamb with garlic
Atalya-The meal
Atalya-Ein Kerem
atalya_focaccia with figs
Atalya - Brunch mafines
Atalya - Brunch
Atalya - Desserts
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