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Culinary Tour of Mea Shearim and the Haredi Neighborhoods

This unique and unusual tour reveals the light under the dark. We’ll stroll through Mea Shearim and the Bukharan neighborhood next to it, momentarily forgetting that we’re in the 21st century. Perfumed by freshly baked challah, the streets in which time has stopped invite us to stop and settle into the past, even for a moment. You’ll be awed by the traditional Persian bread that is baked in a 300-year-old oven, around which a house was built, and astonished when you see challot going into a 5-meter oven carved entirely into the wall. And you’ll definitely want seconds of the falafel served inside steaming-hot zalabia. This tour offers a peek into another world, including different people and a different language—all of it right here, under our noses. This tour can be combined with a visit to the home of a Haredi family where you’ll taste real Jewish food. This tour is offered for small groups split by gender. Guests are asked to dress modestly. 
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