Tour of Southeast Crete, Greece  

At dawn, the old women of Crete head out toward the hills, where they forage hurtah (the local name for wild green herbs), which they’ll cook gently later and then fold into flaky dough for tiropita. The men are in charge of the raki, the wine and the intense olive oil. A fisherman climbs onto his boat and heads out for his usual spin in the Mediterranean—what will he bring back this time? The winemaker keeps his grandfather’s tradition alive using fermentation casks he brought into his house through the roof. Repeat visits to this quiet and authentic part of the island of Crete made me want to share all this wonder with others. This tour brings together old and new, traditional and modern food, sea and land, people and flavors we thought didn’t exist anymore. It spans 4 full days of visits to villages with unparalleled quality of life, beautiful and breathtaking beaches, and incredible people who will teach us everything they know about cooking and the outstanding Greek cuisine. During the trip, we’ll participate in cooking workshops with chefs from the region, enjoy the best meals, go out on a fishing boat, sip fine wine from local grapes, and savor everything the real Greece has to offer.