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Baking Workshops

In a warm and welcoming space overlooking the lush green mountains, I look forward to teaching you how to bake well and to sharing my tips. In these workshops, each participant has the chance to get his/her hands dirty and knead, glaze, shape, and create a fragrant and tasty homemade pastry. At the end of the workshop, we’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor along with additional snacks and treats made by me. Guests will take home their creations at the end of the workshop. This workshop is suitable for family events, groups of friends, bachelorette parties, and birthdays. We recommend that you combine the workshop with a meal.

Cooking Workshop for Groups

A great way to bring people together, in this workshop, guests work together to prepare dishes for a meal that they later share. The workshop, which is taught in a non-intimidating and interesting way, is suitable for both people who enjoy cooking and those who don’t love it as much. Participants go home with a book of recipes of the dishes they prepared and tips for recreating them at home.


Cooking Workshop for Couples (up to 4 participants)

Designed for people who like to cook and are looking to expand their knowledge, this workshop spans at least half a day, during which we’ll learn various cooking techniques, taste raw ingredients, learn about different processes and shortcuts, and, of course, drink lots of wine. At the end of the workshop, we’ll sit down to share the lavish meal we prepared.
We highly recommend pairing this workshop with meal or culinary tour of Ein Kerem.

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