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Culinary Tour of Ein Kerem

See and get to know Ein Kerem through the eyes of its residents. On this tour, we’ll visit Ein Kerem’s hidden spots—places that tourists don’t know about—where the view and surrounding nature are simply breathtaking. As someone who grew up here, I look forward to guiding you through the alleys of my childhood and taking you to the homes with the best food in the village. We’ll meet the local shepherdess, visit the home that was built around an ancient olive oil press, taste Yemenite breads that were kneaded with love, and finish on a sweet note with pralines from the local chocolatier. We’ll peek into the distinctive houses, hear unbelievable stories from the locals, and, of course, enjoy the fruits of their labor. Tours change based on the hosts we visit, but always include three tastings.
We highly recommend pairing this tour with a meal or a cooking or baking workshop.
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