Private Meals

The home in which I was born and raised—with its high ceilings, painted-tile floors, and lots of Israeli art—is now the space in which I offer exquisite meals. The front of the house looks out onto the magical landscape of Ein Kerem, its steeples and its orchards. This is where the meals take place, overlooking the spectacular view of the village and the hills of Jerusalem.
The space is perfect for all different sorts of celebrations, including birthdays, team outings, bar/bat mitzvah parties, bachelorette parties, and even weddings, not to mention special gatherings for people who simply enjoy good food. During events, guests have access to the whole house and are invited to enjoy all its different indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The meals I prepare are built around the fresh produce I buy at the various markets throughout Jerusalem, forage in the forests around my house, or pick from my rooftop garden. Meals are tailored to guest preferences and the season. Whether meat, dairy, vegan, or a rich brunch, all meals demonstrate exquisite attention to detail and creativity. In particular, my love for sweets has turned the dessert course into a special and unforgettable ending to a spectacular meal. 

Hosted in my home in Ein Kerem, meals are particularly intimate. When you book a private meal, it is limited to your group only, with no other guests, promising you an exclusive, comfortable environment for a private event or a company meeting. The house itself—a historic home with period furniture and countless artistic touches—offers the perfect setting for this kind of gathering. In the background, the breathtaking landscape of the Judean hills and the picturesque village of Ein Kerem round out the experience. Meals are customized to guest preferences, special diets, and the availability of seasonal produce. Guests love to savor the good food, the special ambience, and the great stories—and often come back to visit. 

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